For the past few years, instructors have written weekly blogs about activities and excursions to share with guardians in the U.S. From 2011-2013, students also had the opportunity to write a student blog in the foreign language. Official student bloggers were required to report in the foreign language. All blogs were reviewed by the grammar instructor onsite and the IUHPFL office before publication. 

For more recent blogs, please visit the blogging section under the IUHPFL experience.

Instructor Blogs
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Instructor Blogs 2010

Brest, France Brest, France Brest, France
Ciudad Real, Spain Ciudad Real, Spain Ciudad Real, Spain
Krefeld, Germany Krefeld, Germany Krefeld, Germany
León, Spain León, Spain León, Spain

Mérida, Mexico

Mérida, Mexico Oviedo, Spain
Oviedo, Spain Oviedo, Spain Saumur, France
Saumur, France Saumur, France San Luis Potosí, Mexico
St. Brieuc, France St. Brieuc, France
Valencia, Spain Valencia, Spain
Student Blogs
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Ciudad Real Ciudad Real
Krefeld Krefeld
León León León
Mérida Mérida
Oviedo Oviedo
Saumur Saumur
St. Brieuc St. Brieuc
Valencia Valencia Valencia