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The IUHPFL returns to Mérida, Mexico


Mérida, Mexico

For Immediate Release

February 14, 2012

After consultation with Indiana University officials, the IUHPFL has decided to return to Mérida, Mexico, for the summer of 2012. Because of violence in the State of San Luis Potosí, the IUHPFL relocated its San Luis Potosí site to Mérida in 2011.

Mérida is situated in the Yucatán, a region of Mexico that remains safe from drug cartel violence. Last year, the United Nations awarded Mérida a banner of peace, as the city was named one of the 100 cities of peace in the world. Mérida has also been heralded as the safest city in Mexico. 

The IUHPFL will continue working with an experienced international education unit that has been in Mérida since 2004. While in Mérida, the Program will continue to uphold the three pillars of the IUHPFL that make the Program unique: the Honor Code and Language Commitment, the focus on academic instruction and the host family experience. 

The Mérida instructor team will be led by IU Bloomington teaching staff and graduate instructors.