Stephanie Goetz

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Stephanie oversees the administration of all ten Program sites as well as student recruitment and selection, hiring of IUHPFL instructors, and the pre-departure and re-entry process. Since Stephanie assumed directorship of the Program in 2009, the Program has continued to grow in ways big and small: the application process has been streamlined significantly and gone paperless, an alumni database has been created, and a new Program site in Saumur, France, was established in 2010.

Prior to assuming directorship of the IUHPFL, Stephanie was a Lecturer and Supervisor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Indiana University Bloomington. She taught several courses throughout her five years of teaching in the Department, including Spanish 105, 150, 200 and 275. She supervised Spanish 105 for two years, overseeing the administration of over 25 sections of S105 each semester and mentoring graduate associate instructors. Stephanie will continues teaching Spanish  through the IUB Continuing Studies Program.

Stephanie also taught for the IUHPFL in Ciudad Real, Spain, for four summers where she grew to love her Program students and understand the demands placed on students and instructors alike. She taught both conversation and grammar courses and led theater groups while assuming the administrative role of student coordinator.

Stephanie frequently presents at conferences, including the National Advisors Council, NAFSA, and IFLTA and leads workshops for high school teachers who wish to engage in topics related to the IUHPFL. She is also a member of IUB’s International Outreach Council.

Stephanie holds a BA in Spanish and a BS in Spanish Education from Ohio University and an MA in Hispanic Linguistics from Indiana University. Her experiences abroad include studying in Pamplona, Spain and Cuenca, Ecuador and teaching for the IUHPFL in Ciudad Real, Spain.