Program Fees & Funding

Grants & Scholarships

For some program locations and/or languages, partial scholarships are offered. These often stem from alumni whose experience has been life changing and profound and who would like to stay connected with the IUHPFL.

Please Note: 529 College Savings Plans cannot be used to pay IUHPFL program fees as IUHPFL is not a post-secondary, credit-earning program. While we are associated with IU, our participants are not students of the University. 

Click the name of scholarships listed in red to be linked to their direct website for additional information. 

Scholarship Details


*New* IUB Germanic Studies Automatic Scholarship made available exclusively to participants in the IUHPFL Graz Program by the Indiana University Germanic Studies Department. For Summer 2017, each participant will receive an automatic $1,000 scholarship to be applied toward their IUHPFL Program Fees.

All Graz Program participants will be invited to a reception hosted by IU Germanic Studies on the day of the IUHPFL Orientation in April.




Max Kade Scholarship - The IUB Department of Germanic Studies consistently offers Graz participants scholarships with funding from the Max Kade Foundation. Such scholarships have ranged in the past from $750-$1,500. Awards are merit based and granted to 5 program participants each year. No application beyond the IUHPFL application materials is necessary.  Recipients are announced prior to the IUHPFL Orientation in April and are invited to a reception hosted by IU Germanic Studies on orientation day.

$750 - $1,500



Indiana German Heritage Society ScholarshipThe Indiana German Heritage Society works to increase interest in German language and culture throughout the state and endeavors to provide scholarships to high school students participating in educational programs in German-speaking countries. IUHPFL is proud of its longstanding collaboration with IGHS and encourages its Graz program applicants to visit the IGHS website for more information about this opportunity.

$500 - $1,000

February 15


John and Barbara Busch Scholarship - The Busch Scholarship assists North Central High School students who qualify for and participate in the IUHPFL in French. Mr. and Mrs. Busch are graduates of North Central High School (Class of 1969), and Mr. Busch is an alum of the IUHPFL who studied in St. Brieuc in 1968. All North Central High School IUHPFL French participants qualify for the scholarship. No application or demonstration of need is required. It is Mr. and Mrs. Busch's hope that should recipients of this scholarship be in a position to assist others in the future, they simply "pay it forward."  

$750 - $1,000


All Languages

Dave Hefner International Exchange Fund, Inc. - For students living in northeastern Indiana, the fund helps provide financial assistance for both school approved programs and recognized international travel programs for high school students, which includes the IUHPFL. Students are able to apply for the sponsorship on their website


February 1

The Road Scholarship - The Road Scholarship is available to individual students as well as groups of 3 or more students. Applicants must be under the age of 18 and nominated by a teacher or administrator in the school they currently attend.  Only home-schooled students can be nominated by IUHPFL.  For details, students are encouraged to contact the SYTA Youth Foundation directly and consult the list of Frequently Asked Questions on their website.

 Open until March 15th, 2017; Recipients announced the week of April 10th, 2017

for individuals & $5,000 for groups of 3 or more.


Ripley Hunter - Students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship AFTER their IUHPFL experience.  Students who write an essay describing what they learned and how they were impacted by their student travel experience could earn a $1,000 college scholarship!

Students must have completed their IUHPFL experience by June 2nd, 2017. Winner announced week of July 19th, 2017.