Program Fees & Funding

Withdrawal Policy

IUHPFL withdrawal policies fall into three categories:

Withdrawal Before the Program Begins

If a student withdraws from the program for any reason other than critical illness or emergency before departure, a refund of Program Fees will be calculated based on the following schedule:

  •  Before March 1, all but the $500 non-refundable deposit is refundable
  •  Before April 1, all but $1,000 is refundable
  •  Before May 1, all but $2,000 is refundable
  •  On or after May 1, program fees are 100% non-refundable (with rare exceptions)

Withdrawal from the program is only considered effective on the date that written notification is received by IUHPFL. 

Withdrawal After the Program Begins (i.e. While Abroad)

If students withdraw from the program after it begins, they must send a formal and detailed statement to the IUHPFL explaining the reasons.

The IUHPFL will consider a partial refund of fees only 1) if a student becomes seriously ill or 2) if an emergency requires the return to the U.S. In these cases, the amount of the refund will be determined individually on the basis of costs recoverable by the program at the time of withdrawal.

Please note that withdrawal after the program begins (i.e., while onsite) assumes that students will have to change the date of their return ticket home and such a change in airfare will result in additional costs. Also, please note that if students withdraw while onsite, the airlines will work with the student as best they can to get the participant home in a timely manner. Availability to change return flights may be limited due to airline policies regarding group flights.  

Expulsion from the Program

If a student is expelled from the program, no fees or costs will be refunded. Students will also be expected to cover the additional expenses incurred related to the necessary arrangements to change the return flight home.