The IUHPFL Experience

Alumni Photo Contest 2016

IUHPFL students captured outstanding impressions of their experience while spending unforgettable weeks in Austria, China, Chile, France, Mexico, and Spain. And for the first time, they captured not only amazing photographs, but also created some truly exciting videos. Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who participated! 

Video Entry Winners

1st Place Winner: Margaret S. "Mi Verano En León (IUHPFL 2016)"

2nd Place Winner: Emma A. "FRANCE"

3rd Place Winner: Rachel W. "Oviedo, España 2016"

Photo Entry Winners

2016 Winners Slideshow For Brest, Ciudad Real, Graz, Hangzhou, León, and Mérida

2016 Winners Slideshow For Oviedo, Saumur, St. Brieuc, and Viña del Mar

2016 Honorable Mention Slideshow

2016 Photo Contest Entries - Part 1

2016 Photo Contest Entries - Part 2

2016 Photo Contest Entries - Part 3

2016 Photo Contest Entries - Part 4

The complete list of 2016 Alumni Photo Contest Winners

Program Site Place Alumni Name Photo Title
Brest 1st Angélique L. “Le Guillou”
Ciudad Real 1st Yilin D. “Window of Opportunity”
2nd Steven M. “Isabella, Ferdinand, and Columbus”
3rd Sian R. “Bailadora”
Graz 1st Samantha S. “Clock Tower”
Hangzhou 1st Olivia R. “Umbrella at West Lake”
León 1st Madison M. “Castillo”
2nd Sarah J. “Pretending to Fall”
3rd Claire J. “Catedral de León
Mérida 1st Madison H. “Vast Beauty”
2nd Elise P. “Mérida Catedral”
3rd Rose M. “Toppling Ruins of Tulum”
Oviedo 1st Madison S. “Amigas con la Bandera”
2nd Brittony R. “Carranques, where life gets a little easier”
3rd Paige P. “Picos de Europa”
Saumur 1st Cindy L. “My Favorite Spot”
2nd Carlee M. “Heading to Mont St. Michel”
3rd Olivia D. “Le Crépuscule”
St. Brieuc 1st Alex H. “Students Dancing at Notre Dame”
2nd Selena Q. “The Thinker Pose in front of the Eiffel Tower”
3rd Ellie M. “Les Champs-Élysées”
Viña del Mar 1st Alexandria W. “Observatory of Tololo”
2nd Teryn A. “El Mundo Es Tuyo”
3rd Amanda P. “Oceanside in Viña del Mar”