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In Summer 2019, Quebec City (Quebec, Canada) will be the location of our fourth French immersion program and will offer participants an opportunity to experience a truly unique and beautiful region of the world.

In 1969, the Official Languages Act declared that French would be the primary language of the Quebec Province, and approximately 95% of its present-day residents are French-speaking. As with all other IUHPFL programs, this opportunity in Quebec City will require a full immersion Language Commitment. 

In Quebec City, students will live with host families, attend courses designed to increase their knowledge of the language and culture, participate in arts and sports activities, and enjoy various excursions, including whale watching in Baie St. Paul and a two-day stay in beautiful Montreal. Classes will take place at Collège Saint-Charles-Garnier, located in the heart of Quebec City and near Université Laval. We would not be able to present this wonderful opportunity without our partner organization for this program, Ateliers de Langues du Collège Saint-Charles-Garnier.

Quebec City

Established in 1608 on the banks of the majestic Saint Lawrence River by French explorer Samuel de Champlain, Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in North America and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Quebec City is the capital of the Province of Quebec and is home to approximately 800,000 people. It was chosen as an IUHPFL program site for its rich history and culture, including impeccably preserved 17th and 18th century architecture, stunning landscapes, parks, outdoor activities, concerts, and festivals. Street performances are common in the summertime and include acrobatics, fire dancers, and a variety of musicians. It’s not surprising that the famous Cirque de Soleil got its start just north of Quebec City in the mid-1980’s, because the Province of Quebec has been home to many talented performers throughout its long history.

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