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In 2013, IUHPFL proudly launched its Hangzhou program, our first in Asia. Hangzhou is located in the Zhejiang Province south of Shanghai in the Yangtze River Delta on China's east coast and was chosen for its beauty, cultural diversity, and status as sister city of Indianapolis. The region’s beginnings can be traced back seven thousand years, an ancient and fascinating history which can be imagined easily through its many well preserved pagodas, temples and other historical sites. Through the centuries, many famous philosophers, writers and scientists have lived in Hangzhou and added to its charm and appeal. Today, Hangzhou is the fourth-largest and one of the most prosperous metropolitan areas in China. Many Chinese tourists visit Hangzhou for its beautiful parks and gardens, including West Lake, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hangzhou was also the site of the 2016 G20 Summit, which brought together heads of state from around the globe. Though the area encounters monsoon rains in June, temperatures average in the 70s and 80s.

This program is open to students who are Indiana high school juniors, seniors, and sophomores at the time of application and who will have completed Chinese Level II or higher before departure. Students live with carefully selected host families and are expected to speak only in Chinese during the entire 5-week experience. Classes for the Hangzhou Program are designed and led by IUHPFL Instructors and take place in the facilities of Hangzhou Number 14 Middle School, which is located in a quiet area near West Lake. A majority of the host families also live in this area and are associated with the school, which allows participants to become acquainted with a unique and dedicated community of families and school administrators. Excursions to Shanghai and Beijing, as well as to attractions near Hangzhou enrich this study-abroad experience for students and help them to further understand and appreciate China’s long and fascinating history.

We would not be able to present this wonderful opportunity without our partner group for this site, CET Academic Programs.