The Three Pillars

Unlike other programs, IUHPFL is built on three distinct pillars: the Language Commitment which is part of a comprehensive Honor Code, Academic Instruction and the Host Family Experience. Together, they create a well-rounded linguistic and cultural immersion setting. This unique combination has proven successful since IUHPFL’s inception in 1962 and makes IUHPFL one of the most proven study abroad programs in the country. IUHPFL is not for the faint of heart, but rather for the student who wishes to challenge him or herself on all levels: academically, personally, socially, emotionally and physically.

IUHPFL graphic shows the three pillars of commitment

Each component of the program has been carefully developed to provide students with comprehensive language and cultural learning opportunities, leading to a rich, unforgettable experience. Students take classes and participate in daily activities, ranging from sports such as soccer and dance to hiking and yoga. Other activities include choir and theatre. For further enrichment, all students travel on several excursions — included in the program fees — to historic sites. Each program site offers at least one overnight excursion.

If the program’s objectives of a serious academic learning experience, a 100-percent Language Commitment and the wholehearted integration into a host family are in step with a student’s goals, and he or she feels enthusiastic about the IUHPFL Honor Code, then the program may be a good fit.