Since its beginning in 1962, over 7,500 students have participated in the IUHPFL experience. The IUHPFL has changed the lives of countless alumni who have often chosen careers related to their international experience.

The Alumni Project

For most of its existence, the IUHPFL operated with paper and pencil. Participant names were listed in old-fashioned three-ring binders with their original addresses. There were no e-mails and cellphone numbers. About two years ago, the IUHPFL, with the help of its great volunteers, began compiling information in a database. Termed the Alumni Project, every old name and address was added by hand. The resulting information was and still is to some extent incomplete.


Slowly, with the help of our Alumni Connect page, e-mails and visits from alumni and more recently the newly minted Class Ambassadors, the alumni database is shaping up. Class Ambassadors are alums who volunteer to find their fellow classmates of a given year and site. To date, we have had quite a few former participants come forward to help find their groups. If you are interested in helping, please contact us at

In addition to Class Ambassadors, we are also introducing the IUHPFL Alumni Ambassador Program to support the IUHPFL with new recruitment. IUHPFL Alumni Ambassadors support promotional events, presentations during Language Tests and the Orientation. Alumni Ambassadors complete an application and are officially selected by the IUHPFL.

Moving Forward

The IUHPFL has been proud to run this program efficiently, making more funds available to support applicants with reduction in fees. We hope to develop additional programs involving many alumni. If you have ideas we would love to hear from you.