Application Registration

Before completing the Registration Form and paying the required Registration Fee, potential participants are encouraged to:

  • Read IUHPFL’s Eligibility Requirements to determine if you and your school are eligible to participate in the program
  • Understand IUHPFL’s Honor Code, a code of conduct that all IUHPFL participants are expected to follow
  • Review the Application Instructions so you understand the full application process.

Step 1: Registering Online

The Registration Form and Registration Fee must be completed online. The Registration Fee is payable online by credit or debit card. If you meet eligibility requirements and have completed your Registration, you will receive access to your online application via email.

If you are invited to apply, you will have until December 3, 2017 to get all of your Application Materials turned in. Be sure to frequently visit your Student Portal to check on the status of your requests.

Complete your Registration Form and pay your $15.00 Registration Fee online today. Be sure that you save your information if you need to step away from your computer while completing your Registration Form so that you don't lose your data and have to start over.

Step 2: Registration Fee Payment 

If you have problems making your Registration Fee payment please email us at and we'll be happy to help you.

When making your Registration Fee payment, please reference these instructions to help you set up your account.

Please note we are aware of the following problems:
  • Some school computers (including school-loaned laptops) have a firewall built in that completely blocks our payment site from working. If possible, use a non-school computer (possibly a public library computer if necessary) to make payment.
  • Sometimes the payment system auto-generates a broken link in your "Verify Signup" email; the site managers are actively working to correct this; however, if this happens to you, please try to signup again and use the new link that is sent to you (you can use the same name and email to have the link resent).