Guardian Stories


Ciudad Real students in front of a museum.
Karla Daoust
Ciudad Real, Spain

My daughte'rs experience in the IUHPFL was truly life changing.

Ciudad Real students in front of a museum.

She developed a love for Spain and its culture and people. Her bond with her host family remains strong and they treated her like their own daughter. She is very attached to her host family and continues almost daily communication. It is wonderful for her to have this relationship with them. She has been invited back next summer and wants to return to Spain to visit them on her own.

I felt she was safe the entire time with a host family that seemed picked especially for her based on her preferences. The instructors look out for students and care about them. Do not hesitate to send your child.

I am anxious to see how this will help her in her AP Spanish class this year. This is an exceptional program and I am grateful my daughter was offered the opportunity to participate.