Guardian Stories


Oviedo students pose in front of the museum.
Emily Giesel
Oviedo, Spain

I would urge anyone who has interest to sign up and take the plunge.

Oviedo students 2012

My name is Emily Giesel mother of Nancy Giesel. Nancy has traveled before with other study abroad programs such as Rustic pathways, and has travelled with our family. However, having the chance to live as someone else lives and become part of the family was an amazing experience for her.

She sees everything in a different light including herself, us and her future. The language skills really attracted us to having her complete the program but it helped in many other ways. She made lifelong friends, and I think will always keep in touch with her host mother Rosa.

Hearing her stories of her life in spain has been a wonderful experience. I really wish our other kids had participated in the program because it has been so valuable for Nancy. I would urge anyone who has interest to sign up and take the plunge. It might seem daunting to not communicate except thru email but the quality of the information we received in those emails will always be remembered.

It seems as though some of the life lessons we had tried to teach over the years crystallized for her during her time in spain as she gained a bit of independence. Love the program. Keep up the great work!!