Parents and guardians play a key role in helping a student consider study abroad options, prepare to and then participate in study abroad. In this section, the IUHPFL aims to help prospective guardians understand the program and its demands.

QuoteAgain, I cannot say anything but wonderful things about the whole IUHPFL program.  Adam was thoroughly immersed in the program and has grown exponentially in his language skills, but most importantly I’ve seen a more confident young man emerge since his return from Spain." — Pamella P., mother of Adam P., Ciudad Real, Spain 2012

Guardians understand the importance of education and supporting a child on the journey to adulthood. Few experiences are more life-changing for high school students than participating in the IUHPFL. Over its 50+ year existence, the IUHPFL has provided more than 7,500 students with the opportunity to immerse in a new culture, learn and really live the language and create lifelong friendships. According to guardians of our alumni, these students return as stronger, more mature, world citizens. Many have found confidence in themselves and bonded with their classmates and instructors. Many have found a second family abroad. All have lived the language in all its components. Guardians of alumni comment that their students return from a summer abroad with the IUHPFL changed—in ways large and small.

"Honors" Program

The IUHPFL is not a typical study abroad experience — and that is a good thing! The IUHPFL is an "Honors" program and best suited for highly motivated high school juniors who are studying a foreign language in their third year. Participation in the program is dependent on a stringent selection process, beginning with an official language test, followed by an application that includes several appraisals. Guardians should visit About the Program and How to Apply for a comprehensive review of the IUHPFL.