Tips for Guardians

Applying to the Program

IUHPFL requires students to complete a number of steps, starting with registration. Students who meet the eligibility criteria of Registration will be invited to proceed with the application process in which they will need to complete several documents, and request appraisals and transcripts.

All students must provide at least one guardian e-mail. As a rule, all communication between the program and the student includes the guardian. Guardians are asked to confirm that they are receiving important e-mails and communicating with their son/daughter regularly to find out his/her wishes and progress throughout the IUHPFL program cycle.

Guardians are asked to confirm early on that one of them can accompany their student to the mandatory orientation on a Sunday in April. Each site has a dedicated orientation day. One guardian is required to attend their students’ program orientation in order to meet and bond with the program's instructors and fellow students.

Guardians are asked to confirm that the program travel dates from June through July fit with their family's plans. If guardians plan on spending time abroad in the country of their student's program site, they are advised to plan their trip after the program ends.

Please Note: 529 College Savings Plans cannot be used to pay IUHPFL program fees as IUHPFL is not a post-secondary, credit-earning program. While we are associated with IU, our participants are not students of the University.