Tips for Guardians

Over the past few years and with increased communication abilities via phone, Skype and blogs, it has become clear that guardians often struggle with the separation from their sons and daughters. As a society we have become used to keeping tabs on everyone at a moment’s notice. Being separated by thousands of miles with highly limited communication is therefore often difficult to accept.

"The Honor Code and strict language immersion were essential for quality learning to occur. My child came back a changed person. She's taking on a leading role now in her high school classroom which is a split year 3-4-5 class. Based on her experiences over the summer, she's making suggestions to the teacher about activities and exercises the fifth year students could do." Parent of IUHPFL student, Summer 2011 (taken from anonymous parent satisfaction survey)

However, in order for each student to gain the most from his/her experience, this limited communication is a must. Only if the student is able to disconnect from his country, family and language, can s/he truly immerse.

In 1962, communication overseas was cumbersome and expensive. Still, students thrived then as they do now. If left to develop and sometimes struggle a bit, IUHPFL students will rise to the occasion and grow immensely. Guardians can best support their child by allowing this growth to happen.

The IUHPFL selection process is rigorous for a reason. By the time, students leave to go abroad, they have a good understanding of the requirements. Still, the process of immersion in a foreign country, a strange family with new friends takes time and effort. Therefore, the IUHPFL has developed a number of programmatic steps to ensure the safety and success of each student.