Tips for Guardians

Post Program

Upon a student's return, guardians may find that s/he suffers from reverse culture shock. Students may speak in the foreign language and have trouble adapting back to family life in the U.S., including speaking English! This phenomenon is normal and will pass with time.

Exit Survey

All students are required to complete a mandatory exit survey post-program. This survey takes 60-90 minutes and asks students for feedback about the entire program experience. The survey results help IUHPFL determine areas of concern and lay the groundwork for improvement.

Once students have completed the survey, they receive a final evaluation of their study abroad. This evaluation encompasses all areas of the IUHPFL experience, including the academic involvement, Honor Code, host family stay, afternoon activities, and excursions. All students receive a rubric at the beginning of the program which details exactly what performance is required to achieve the highest evaluation. In addition, all students self-evaluate twice during the program.


Depending on their performance and adherence to the Honor Code, students will receive a diploma for completing their program as well as their final evaluation completed by their program instructors. The diploma, plus any program-specific materials, i.e. a journal created by a group, are mailed to the student by the end of September, and the student evaluations are emailed to the student, provided the student has completed the exit survey.

Promoting the Program

When students return to their school for senior year, they are required to contribute to the foreign language classroom and support their foreign language teacher and department to the best of their ability. Many students whose language skills have vastly improved mentor other students. Finally, all IUHPFL alumni help promote the program by sharing their experience with classmates and younger students. They can utilize the program's Prezi and add their own materials, including photos and video.


Students who attend Indiana University may consider studying abroad through one of 250 Overseas Study programs in 17 languages and 52 countries. Students may build on their IUHPFL experience and spend a summer, semester, or academic year abroad. The choices are endless and study abroad is available for most fields of study. There are also many scholarships available to students who wish to study abroad. More information can be obtained by visiting the Office of Overseas Study is located — in the same building as the IUHPFL — on the first and second floor of the Leo R. Dowling International Center. To apply or plan a visit to Indiana University visit the Office of Admissions webpage.