Tips for Guardians


Emotions run high as the travel date approaches. Students will undoubtedly be nervous and have many questions. Guardians are asked to encourage their students to discuss their questions with them and to connect with their group through Facebook. All students are in the same situation and instructors can provide support and information.

"The length of the program is excellent, truly allowing immersion and real adoption of the language to occur. The Honor Code is also very well stressed and very important. Without it, you would simply be an expensive sightseeing program with awkward evenings in someone's home!" Parent of IUHPFL student, summer 2011 (taken from anonymous parent satisfaction survey)

At orientation, students and guardians receive a site-specific Student Handbook with additional information, including flight and travel information, packing tips and Honor Code-related items. Guardians learn more about coping with the absence of their child and preferred communication processes. Over its fifty-year history, IUHPFL has learned that limited communication — avoiding to speak one's native language — is highly effective in supporting the student's language and personal development. In addition, this limited communication helps students better and faster adapt to the host culture and achieve true immersion.