Teacher Resources

The IUHPFL strives to limit the workload of teachers and counselors as much as possible. Therefore most important documents, school staff may need, can be found in the table below and downloaded. Most documents such as appraisals can be accessed and submitted online. All communication takes place via the website and the teachers/counselors personal e-mail.

Agreement to Participate

All Indiana high schools who are interested in participating in the IUHPFL are required to complete the Agreement to Participate. This document contains information about the foreign language teachers who may send students to the Program. It also helps school coordinators determine which teachers are involved and may need information. In addition, schools may request informational materials, such as bookmarks, factsheets and posters.

Each year, the IUHPFL office collects agreements and keeps accurate records of all participating schools, coordinators and teachers.

Important Resources for Teachers

The table below lists a number of documents that may come in handy when looking for and handing out information. If teachers or counselors look for additional documents or have questions they are encouraged to contact iuhpfl@indiana.edu.

Participation Documents Content Who Uses It?
Agreement to Participate

Schools agree to participate in the IUHPFL by filling out this form

Teachers, Counselors & Principals
Informational Documents Content Who Uses It?
Factsheet - Krefeld English

Overview of the German Program in Krefeld, Germany

German Teachers, Students and Guardians
Factsheet - Krefeld German

Overview of the German Program in Krefeld - German translation

German Teachers, Students and Guardians
Factsheet - Analysis of Study Abroad Programs Overview of study abroad programs and how they compare to the IUHPFL Teachers, Counselors, Students and Guardians
Scheduling Documents Content Who Uses It?
Program Overview for Teachers Step-by-Step overview of the IUHPFL Program cycle Teachers
Program Checklist for Students Overview of important dates, deadlines, addresses Teachers, Students and Guardians
Application Instructions Overview of application materials and deadlines Teachers, Students and Guardians
Promotional Ideas Content Who Uses It?
Promoting the IUHPFL to Your Students Sharing information with students, instilling curiosity about the IUHPFL Teachers and Students
Promoting the IUHPFL to Guardians Sharing information with guardians, instilling curiosity about the IUHPFL Teachers and Guardians