Contest for German Language Teachers

Welcome to the 2012 German Contest!

Teachers who instruct German at a third year or higher level are invited to participate in the German contest and receive wonderful prizes if their student(s) take the German language test in October 2012.

Two Contests

The contest is divided into two categories:

  • If your German department is new to the IUHPFL or has not participated in the IUHPFL in the past four years, you are eligible for Contest I.
  • If your German department has participated sometime during the past four years, you are eligible for Contest II.
  • If your German department decides to participate we ask you to complete the Agreement to Participate and return it to the IUHPFL office. Please indicate on the form which prizes you'd like to select for your classroom(s).


Prizes include a range of Germany-related items:

Overview of prizes teacher receive for students participating in the German language test.

One German department will also receive one of three grand prizes:

Overview of grand prizes one German department will receive for participating.