Since its inception in 1962, IUHPFL has offered Indiana high school students not only a meaningful immersion experience in their foreign language and culture, but also the opportunity to experience life in another country and gain confidence, strength of character and a greater sense of self.

The IUHPFL office recognizes that Indiana's high school teachers are a key factor for the success of recruiting prospective IUHPFL participants. Teachers are also a key player in the student's successful submission of application and acceptance materials. We thank you for supporting our program throughout its fifty-year history. Whether you are new to the program or have been a loyal team member for years, we invite you to learn about us and what's new from year-to-year. Your knowledgeable support prepares your student(s) for the challenging journey the IUHPFL presents. If you are new to our program and site, please review the Qualifications for Participation first.

Agreement to Participate

Participating schools fill out the Agreement to Participate (online form or printable form) which helps IUHPFL keep track of important phone numbers, school-specific coordinators and contact information of foreign language teachers. However, this form has no bearing on whether any student at the high school actually follows through with the language test or applies to the program.

Why IUHPFL is Different

  • The IUHPFL Academic Focus
  • The IUHPFL Honor Code includes the Language Commitment, a pledge to communicate exclusively in the foreign language while abroad, and the expectation to maintain the "Honor" in Honors Program,  emphasizing that an IUHPFL student not only holds himself/herself accountable for upholding the Honor Code, but holds his/her peers accountable as well.
  • The IUHPFL Host Family Experience

"My IUHPFL students contribute tremendously to my classroom. They bring authenticity to the language. They share their experiences and get other students excited about the program and the culture. They share challenges they had to overcome, tearful days and lonely moments. But they always finish by saying what an absolutely awesome experience it was. They laugh about the dumb things they were embarrassed to have done and teach all the cuss words I'm not allowed to say.  It's truly real and the other kids admire them and wish they too could have that opportunity." —Maggie Strahl, former Spanish teacher at Centerville High School and former IUHPFL instructor

Limited Time Investment

IUHPFL realizes that high school teachers are extremely busy and has therefore streamlined the time investment to a few hours per year. The majority of the work is done by the applying student. Teachers and counselors mostly take on the role of advisor, helping students and guardians find information, making sure students participate in the language test and observe all due dates for applications and later acceptance materials.

Applicants’ current foreign language teachers also provide an appraisal about the student’s foreign language ability. Again this form is online and should require a limited investment of time.

Demanding Student Experience 

IUHPFL offers a demanding experience on all levels: 

  • academic (class load and daily assignments)
  • personal (overcoming fears, managing stress and anxiety)
  • physical (jetlag, adjusting to a new schedule)
  • social (interacting with a host family, the host culture and students from the group)
  • emotional (the absence of the comforts of U.S. family and home)

Since the fall of 2008, IUHPFL has undergone many transformations. We encourage new as well as returning teachers to thoroughly browse our website to get a better understanding of the goals and objectives of the program. 

High schools who have long supported IUHPFL are encouraged to participate in yet another program cycle. New schools may want to consider the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity they’d provide to their students. New schools who wish to gather more information about the program are encouraged to e-mail