Promote IUHPFL

Without the help of Indiana’s dedicated teachers and counselors, IUHPFL would not have enjoyed its tremendous success over the last 50 years. In return IUHPFL continues to limit participation to Indiana-based residents and high schools*. Each year, all schools are contacted and invited to participate in the program. Each year, IUHPFL informational materials, including bookmarks, factsheets, program DVDs and posters are sent to consistently participating schools. In addition, the program video, downloadable factsheet about the program and an analysis of how IUHPFL compares with other study abroad programs provide additional information. Schools may contact IUHPFL at any time to request a copy of the video or other types of materials.

Students should be made aware that the program is highly selective, thus every stage of the selection process through which students successfully pass is an accomplishment and should be celebrated. 

*With a few exceptions for high schools with a longstanding history with the program and high schools who contribute to our German program.

Qualifying Students and Schools

If your students are interested in participating in the program, it is important to first understand the application process and whether or not your high school and your students meet the qualifications for program participation. IUHPFL encourages high school teachers to be familiar with IUHPFL Honor Code before deciding to promote the program in their schools, as well as the basic overview of the program and the program fees.  It is also important for high school teachers to have a general understanding of the deadlines and important dates for selected participants that prospective IUHPFL students will come up against in the spring.

Promoting IUHPFL to Students and Guardians

Whether you and your school have participated or are new to the program, IUHPFL is committed to provide you with the best available information and materials to maximize efficiency and keep your time invested at a minimum. Please review the guidelines and ideas which will be helpful when working with students and guardians

  • Former program participants will be of great help in presenting the program. Any alumni should be encouraged to present the program not only to classes in their own language, but also to those of other foreign language teachers,the entire student body and even feeder elementary and middle schools.
  • The Prezi presentation provides great visual and contextual information. When promoting the program, teachers should emphasize the following aspects of the program to prospective participants: the program’s academic focus, the Honor Code and Language Commitment, the host family experience, and the fact that the experience is engaging (and demanding) on every level.
  • IUHPFL is particularly suited for talented students who are academically motivated and who also demonstrate the social and emotional maturity needed to succeed abroad. These excellent students should be encouraged to apply. Students showing strong interest in the program should also be encouraged to fundraise and save money right away.