Who participates in IUHPFL?

IUHPFL is open to Indiana high school students who are level III of Spanish, French, and German or level II of Chinese or Japanese. Over half (56%) of our students were Spanish students. The popularity of Spanish is likely because of the availability of Spanish as a foreign language option at Indiana high schools. Our second most popular language was French, with 33% of our students going to sites in France.

A pie chart breaking down the program by language

For the summer of 2022 we had the pleasure of hosting 133 students from 65 different high schools. Our students came from all regions of Indiana and attended a mix of both private and public high schools. Our highest concentration of students came from the Indianapolis area, Munster, Ft. Wayne, Bloomington, and the Evansville area.

Family Language Backgrounds

Out of all of our students, 15.56% of them came from families who already speak another language at home. Some languages spoken at home include Spanish, Italian, German, and Arabic.

The most frequent language spoken at home, other than English, was Spanish. Spanish speaking households represented 57.14% of this year’s multilingual households.

We are proud to help the other 84% of students become first generation bilingual individuals!

133Indiana high school students

65Indiana high schools

6program sites

Student Impact

IUHPFL strives to impact our students’ lives beyond just improving their language skills. We aim to aid our students in preparing for college, increasing their maturity, building emotional intelligence, and many others. Every year we are delighted to hear how our students have harnessed their summer to grow as both language learners and as people. This year was no different. The following are some statistics showing how our students this year have grown from IUHPFL.

Bar graph that demonstrates the various program benefits

94%of students cited the Language Commitment as the most prolific factor in program success

83%of students listed their Host Families as the second most important factor

69%of students selected other program participants as their third most significant factor in their success

Overall, we can conclude that the summer of 2022 was a summer for the record books. It was our first summer post-pandemic travel shut downs, following years of zoom language education. We are proud as a program to have only 6 students out of 131 feel as if their program wasn’t as successful as it could have been. This metric shows us what we can work on so summer 2022 is even better!

Praise from Parents

IUHPFL provides an unparalleled opportunity for young adults to experience a world outside their own. They gain an understanding of other  locations, languages and cultures. They make friends within the program and around the host cities. It is a safe, illuminating, giant step into the world.

This trip was a transformational experience for our son. He has grown in self-confidence,  language proficiency, and vocational clarity. We are already making plans to provide this experience for his siblings. Our host family let us know she's ready for the little brother! We are grateful!

For me the structure of the program meant everything. All the great things that happened came from the structure of IUHPFL. The expectations and structure provided a foundation for all the other things to develop and grow.