Who participates in IUHPFL?

For Summer 2023, we welcomed 133 Indiana high school students. The 2023 cohort came from all over the state of Indiana and from 58 different high schools. The cities that sent the most students abroad with IUHPFL were Indianapolis, Carmel, Evansville, Fort Wayne, and Mishawaka.

Spanish continues to be the most popular IUHPFL target language with 72 students traveling to Spain in 2023. This was followed by French and German, with 41 and 20 students, respectively.

133Indiana high school students

58Indiana high schools

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Student Impact

Based on post-program surveys, 97% of students gained a new appreciation for their host country’s language and culture, 84% gained a greater sense of independence, and 85% of students felt like a more mature person and more prepared for college than before they participated in the program.

Of a variety of factors, students tended to pick the language commitment and the host family experience as most helpful in the success of their program experience.

A graph demonstrating that students found language commitment and host family experience most helpful in program success

97%of students gained a new appreciation for their host country's language and culture

The program helped me to gain a new, deep understanding of the language that I didn't have before. I can now speak with confidence, read easily, and write very easily. While I still have more to learn, the program supplied me with the knowledge that I wouldn't ever have been able to gain through only ever studying in The United States.

Parent Perspective

On the whole, parents were pleased with the experience of their students. Many mentioned the 100% language immersion and no smart phone policy as positive aspects of the program. Parents consistently said that the students’ lack of technology while in the program was beneficial, not only for their language skills, but also for their social and emotional skills. After the program, parents noticed changes in their students’ language abilities, maturity, and confidence levels.

The most rewarding aspect of the IUHPFL experience was watching my child prepare and take flight as an independent adult. Prepared us for the transition to college next year.