Volume 15

The Polyglot Press 2023

Letter from the Director

It has been a year of transitions for IUHPFL. Loni Dishong, who served as Managing Director for 9 years, resigned and transitioned to new endeavors in August 2023. I stepped into the role of Director in mid-September; it has been an exciting and busy few months. I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to lead a program that I dearly love and that I believe offers a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience for Indiana high school students.


2023 Photo & Video Contest

Meet our Program Coordinator, Anneliese!

Anneliese Toumey joined the IUHPFL team in November 2023 as Program Coordinator. For Anneliese, this is a return to IU!

IUHPFL by the Numbers

Find out more about who participates, where they're from, and the impact IUHPFL has on students and families.

A word from the outgoing Managing Director, Loni Dishong

Last fall, during my ninth year as Managing Director of IUHPFL, I decided, with no small amount of sadness, that the 2022-2023 program cycle would be my last. I was ready for a new chapter, and the program, now 61 years old, was ready for an infusion of new energy and ideas. Every organization, no matter how well established, needs and benefits from a fresh perspective from time to time, and I’m excited to see how my successor, Megan Solon, enhances the program through her own unique leadership approach, which has been formed in part by her experiences as an IUHPFL alum and instructor.