Parent Advice

On communication

"Although the 'one hour of digital time per week,' sounds drastic, it's so beneficial to the overall experience for your child to not be in constant contact with you. Strangely enough, the six weeks flew by and we were able to keep current on her activities through her weekly emails and the program blog. The limited communication time also encouraged her to solve her own problems while abroad, using resources like her host family, on-site instructors, and fellow classmates."

Jennifer Clayton, Saint-Brieuc parent

"The time goes by very fast. I had a very difficult time over the first few days, but once I knew he had arrived safely and that he liked his host family, I felt assured that he was going to be ok. The updates on the blog were fantastic and highly appreciated. Getting to see what they were up to and seeing a smile on my son’s face in every picture was worth all of my stress."

Stephanie Milley, Graz parent

On growth

"Do not underestimate what your teen is capable of. Trust them to use their judgement. They might surprise you in good ways."

Leslie Dickson, Graz parent

Trust The Process. The IUHPFL program has run for years and seems to constantly strive to improve the process with new information and experiences. It's challenging as a parent to "let go" of responsibility of your child for six weeks, but the self-empowerment gained by your child with the help of a comprehensive, structured framework will provide your young adult with confidence to not only travel the world but to build trust in themselves.

Michael Patrick Burton, Saumur parent