Volume 16, Issue 1

The Polyglot Press Summer 2024

What an exciting time of year! Last week, 124 students from 50 different Hoosier high schools began their IUHPFL journeys in Austria, France, and Spain. You can read and see some updates from last week’s departure days in this newsletter. They were fantastic (and long!) days filled with a range of emotions. However, the prevailing emotion was excitement for the adventures ahead.

New Site: Almería

Summer 2024 is the first summer of our program's newest site on the southern coast of Spain. Almería has unique geography and an interesting history.

Learn more about Almería

Welcome, Franziska!

Franziska is the new onsite coordinator for IUHPFL's Graz, Austria site. We are thrilled to have her as part of the IUHPFL team!

Get to know Franziska

Cultural and Community Engagement

Each program team will participate in various activities that will engage them in their communities.

Check out this year's activities!

Thinking ahead to Summer 2025?

If you or someone you know is interested in applying to the program, receiving an informational presentation, or teaching with IUHPFL, click below to find out more! 

2025 Program Announcements

Student Spotlights

A young woman poses in a striped shirt and white hat in front of a green door

Ketsia Baributsa

Ketsia is traveling to Saint-Brieuc, France.

Meet Ketsia
A selfie shows a student with short hair wearing a sweater

Leah Overpeck

Leah is traveling to Ciudad Real, Spain.

Meet Leah
Selfie taken by a student lying on a couch with plants and twinkle lights in the background

Sam Pfender

Sam is traveling to Almería, Spain.

Meet Sam
A young man in a suit poses for prom pictures in a green area on a sunny day

David Quinonez Diaz

David is traveling to Saumur, France.

Meet David

Instructor Features

A headshot of a woman with short dark hair and a turquoise top

Vânia Castro

Vânia is an instructor in Oviedo, Spain.

Meet Vânia
A young man in a plaid shirt with a baseball cap sits on a deck and looks off to the left

Corentin Mazet

Corentin is an instructor in Saint-Brieuc, France.

Meet Corentin

Advice from parents of previous participants

Do not underestimate what your teen is capable of. Trust them to use their judgement. They might surprise you in good ways.

Leslie Dickson, Graz parent