Guidance for Educators

Are you or your students interested in IUHPFL?

  • Learn about our program under the "About the Program" tab.
  • Fill out our IUHPFL Annual High School Update Form to update us on your world language teacher contact information and request IUHPFL promotional materials.
  • In the fall, advertise our regional presentations. These presentations from IUHPFL staff and alumni typically take place on weeknights in September and October on IU campuses around the state or in various high school auditoriums. Check out the IUHPFL calendar for dates and locations. 
  • Get in touch with with any questions.
  • Familiarize yourself and interested students with the application process.
  • Once students have registered for IUHPFL, administer the writing portion of the application to those students. Instructions and materials will be sent via email when students provide their language teacher's email. 
  • Complete the language teacher appraisal for each of your students who applies. You will receive an automatically generated email requesting you to fill out the appraisal when your student provides your email.

Students who have spent an immersion summer with IUHPFL have a marked impact on their school...In sharing the cultural lessons they have experienced firsthand, in conveying the obvious delight and sense of confidence gained from stretching themselves modeling for others the human potential for bridging the gaps of cultural misunderstanding — the individual induces peers and adults to open their minds and to explore, embrace, and value new worlds.

Jean Hitchcock | Principal, Signature School and IUHPFL Saint-Brieuc alumna

Teacher Resources

Resource or linkDescription
Annual High School Update FormSchools update their contact info by September 15 for that year's program cycle or throughout the year as needed. 
Student ChecklistOverview of important dates, deadlines, and instructions
Email iuhpfl@iu.eduEmail us with any questions!
IUHPFL Promo VideoVideo that summarizes the IUHPFL experience and could be shown to prospective students. Approximately 8 minutes. 
IUHPFL FactsheetHandout overview of IUHPFL programs
Regional PresentationsInformation regarding our fall Regional  Presentations

These kids seem to internalize the power of not only language, but education as a whole, and what these tools can do to help a person to achieve. After a summer with IUHPFL, my students are aching to talk to me and to others about music, culture, the language, the food — and this makes other students want to participate in the program. Our students pride themselves with being 'international', and IUHPFL helps students who normally may never get to leave the U.S. to experience the bigger picture.

Jennifer Dettlo | Spanish Teacher at Munster High School and IUHPFL alumna, San Luis Potosí