The IUHPFL Experience

The IUHPFL Experience

A Day in the Life

Students who participate in IUHPFL gain a fully immersive experience into a culture and language. All students are placed with a host family and get the opportunity to connect, spend time, and enjoy meals with people from the country. 

During the week, students attend classes with the other IUHPFL students at their site. These classes are taught by instructors who travel with the students from Indiana to the host city. Students' academic days consist of four language and culture related classes, all taught in the target language. After classes, students might participate in activities led by the instructors at the school or in the community.

After school, students are able to choose how they spend their time. They may watch TV with their host family, explore the city with other students, or participate in optional activities organized by the program.

On certain weekends, students participate in excursions to other cities or points of interest in their region. These excursions include cultural and historical sites where students are able to implement some of the knowledge they have learned in their courses.

Students pose with their host family in Ciudad Real, Spain.
IUHPFL participants complete class work in Saint-Brieuc, France.
After classes, students participate in activities organized by the instructors in Brest, France.
Students enjoy a treat at a café in Graz, Austria.
The IUHPFL Saumur group visits a château on one of their excursions.

I would offer the following piece of advice: take that leap of faith! You’ll be surprised how much you’re capable of! And for those who have already decided to go on this adventure of a lifetime: be open-minded, spend as much time as possible with your host family, and be sure to soak it all in. 

Adam Weaver | Krefeld, Germany