Employment Opportunities

Are you ready to help Indiana students live their language?

IUHPFL Instructors are dedicated educators passionate about language and studying abroad. Instructors support program participants in a 100% total immersion experience abroad, serving as teachers, chaperones, and mentors to a small group of Indiana high school students.

Job Description

What You'll Do

  • Screen 10 student applications during winter break 
  • Attend 3 Instructor training sessions and the Student-Guardian Orientation on the Bloomington campus
    • Training 1: Sunday, January 28th, 2024 (Ferguson International Center)
    • Training 2: Sunday, February 25th, 2024 (Ferguson International Center)
    • Training 3: Sunday, March 24th, 2024 (Ferguson International Center)
    • Student-Guardian Orientation: Sunday, April 21st, 2024
  • Develop lesson plans and teach 1-2 courses in the target language. Courses taught include Culture & Communication, Grammar, Linguistics, and Literature
  • Facilitate or lead Culture and Community Engagement activities
  • Accompany students on several excursions to regional destinations
  • Lead a weekly group while abroad that helps support students in their acclimation to the host culture
  • Serve in a Coordinator Role to administer IUHPFL abroad: Student Coordinator, Financial Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator, and/or Public Relations Coordinator
  • Communicate with Onsite Coordinators in host cities and office staff in Bloomington in order to carry out the program and address any urgent matters

What You'll Bring

  • Excellent teaching skills as an Indiana high school teacher, IU Bloomington graduate student, or IU Bloomington non-tenure track lecturer
  • Native or near-native mastery of the target language
  • Ability to effectively foresee and solve problems
  • Collaborative skills
  • Willingness to travel abroad with a group of highly-motivated high school students

Application Process

By October 15th:  

  • Complete the brief IUHPFL Instructor Application
  • Send your updated resumé and cover letter to IUHPFL Director Megan Solon at msolon@iu.edu.
  • Include a cover letter in English that:
    • describes your relevant teaching experience and how it will make you a valuable instructor for the program
    • indicates a solid understanding of the structure of IUHPFL and its expectations of you as an instructor and mentor
    • outlines how participating as an instructor will contribute to your overall professional goals
    • discloses any obligations, events, or opportunities that might prohibit you from fully committing to IUHPFL.


  • Once application materials are received, interviews and class visits will be arranged.
    • If it is not possible for our staff to observe your teaching, you will be asked to submit a video clip from one of your recent class periods.
    • If you are a graduate student at IUB and are currently not teaching, your resumé and professional references must indicate outstanding teaching experience.

By November 1st: 

  • Two (2) professional references must complete the Online Reference Form. One professional reference must be a current supervisor or principal familiar with the applicant's teaching abilities. The other reference could be a former supervisor or a current professional colleague. Applicants are responsible for sending the link to their references and ensuring they submit the form on time. 

December and January:

  • Final decisions regarding IUHPFL Instructors for the upcoming summer are announced in early December.